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"N-no don't Come...P-please don't..." The words felt nostalgic it's the words that acturly gotten this baby here in a womb like this  "...don't come any closer to me...please..." Mattew Pleded to the blurry Figure trying to crawl away only to remember the tiny life inside him,
he grew cold and colder
"N-no..." The Canadian grew Weary reaching out to the figure once more before completley blocking out

A Dream Or A Nightmare?!

When The refreshed Canadian finally woken up he was covered with blankets and Plenty of pillows That Looked fimilar to him
("W-wait this is my own bed...") Matthew perceived getting up in shock ("...that means...all of that was a dream...") The Canadian's mood was now sorrowful
"How Stupid...."Mattie quietly whispred to himself

suddenly The smell of Freashly made pancakes fill the air making The canadian spring with joy and jump straight out of his bed through the slightly opened bedroom door
he slams the Bedroom door open more, making it hit agianst the wall
"Who...." Matthew panted in surprise
The Albino German turned slightly holding a frying pan with a slightly cooked pancake with in it

"Guten Abend,Schlafmütze."(Good evening sleepy head) Gilbert spoke flipping the pan over so the other unbaked side would show "Do you want one..?" Gilbert said Using the spatula to retrive the Cooked pancake

"W-when D-did Y-you...How did you...?"The Canadian couldn't get the words to come out and slightly wearied back into the door frame
"Whats wrong are you still cold?" The German said walking up slowly holding out his hand and Feeling his For-head so he could take the Canadian's tempature
"Still cold...but?" Matthew stuttered

"Yeah,When you Blacked out in the snow it freaked me out, Ich hatte Angst" The German slighty brushed the back of his hand aginst the canadian's Cheek making it red
"T-that,That means..." Matthew Paused to gently caress his stomach
"That Means what???" Prussia Made a baffled Expression noticing Matthew's hand movements
"I-it means..." Matthew Chocked up in his own words,Tears flooding his eyes making it's way down his cheeks

"Scheisse,What did i do?!"The Prussian Sprung from the Canadian
Matthew Sheepishly Wiped his cheeks
"You didn't do anything Wrong..."The canadaian Pleaded
"Why are you crying,what's wrong?" Gilbert said walking up to Matthew
"N-nothing,I'm just really Happy" Matthew Grinned as more Tears feel down his face and red filled It shyly, Matthew grabbed the confused Grerman's Hand and layed it on his stomach

The child started kicking

"AH-h??!!" The German Gasped and Jolted away But not enough to take his Hand off the Canadian's Abdomen "What The hell is that?" Gilbert said Shocked Matthew Layed his hand over Gilbert's

"T-that's our baby,Gilbert..." Matthew Paused and took a deep breath and then countined "I'm Pregnant." Matthew Finished
The German standed there shocked for a minute But bounced back quickly as if his brain was delaying the words

"B-baby..." the words fell hesitant from Prussia's lips as if he couldn't belive there was a tiny new life inside this Canadian
"A-are you not happy...?" Matthew said choking up in his words, feeling the tears starting to circlate agian and his cheeks become a bright vermillion
Prussia Jumped once again

"No...I...I feel...Happy..." Gilbert Grinned
Matthew Smiled Big
"Really?!!" Matthew Said
"Ja,of course I'm happy!!!" Gilbert smiled
Matthew Blushed and Glee'd Happily into Gilbert's arms
"I'm gonna be a Vatti..." The Prussian whispred to himself
"Vatti Gilbert..." the Canadian Whispred into the Prussian's ear before slumpping and falling asleep into the prussian's cheast
"Mattie?!!!" Gilbert said holding The Canadian up with his arms holding him tight
"Mmm~~?"Matthew Mumbled

Prussia Grined carefully picking Matthew up without making a sound to wake him up or squuezing him to hard to hurt the unborn infant.
Prussia Layed the Canadian down in his bed where he had been sleeping before and covered him up
"Ich Liebe Dich,Mattie" The German said while kissing the Canadian on his forehead
"...Je t'aime aussi, Gilbert..." The canadian said in his sleep slowly slipping back into slumber
The Prussian Smiled and left the room not making a peep

Calling west....

The dial tone rung desperately into the Prussian's ear until a deep Voice answered

"Hallo?" Germany had a Questionable tone

"Hey West,This is Gil!!!"

"Oh, Hallo Brother, why are you calling so lat-Stop that!!!" Ludwig lectured into the phone, baby Vience had been pulling on the phone cord but after hearing his father's stern voice giggled playfully cooing, he knew who it was, his Awesome "Onkel" Prussia he also knew his Vatti would give into his cuteness and let him coo into the phone

"niedlich,Put The kid on the phone west!"Prussia Pleded
The German rolled his eyes and put the phone next to his baby's tiny ears

"Hey Kid!!!" The Prussian Said Happily

"A~aaaaaaah~<3"The Baby cooed into The phone Happily hitting his head up aginst his father's chest
Germany nuzzled his child so he wouldn't injur himself hitting up against him like a wild Animal,he then put the phone near his own face

"Okay,what did you want brother...?"The German asked agian

"Oh yeah,That's right....."The Prussian Puased Now feeling anxious
"Ja,Spit it out Brother..." The German said while rocking his Happy child
"Well you know Canada?!" Gilbert questioned
"Who?" Lidwig responded
"Matthew!!!"The Prussian Yelled
"Ja, I remember now,America's Brother, Ja I know him go on..." Germany said
"Well you'know Me and him have been going out for sometime now right...?"Gilbert Questioned
"Ja,yes I know that..." Germany Responeded
"And you Know We've Done it..." Gilbert Said with Ease

Germany Face palms himself

"I didn't need to hear that, but go on..." Ludwig said
"Well It turns out he's Pregnant,I'm gonna be a Vatti,West" Gilbert Said and Grinned into the phone
"Well that's Gre-,WAIT WHAT?!"Germany Screamed in shock
"I'm gonna be a Vatti!!!" The Prussian Glee'd
"UGh~,I was Regreting this,The Last thing we need is another one of "YOU" running around here." The German said fatuously
"Praise Me,Praise Me You Know your happy to be a Onkel West!!!"The Prussian Yelled into the Phone

"Okay,calm down,Ja....I am, Congratulation on the baby,When you come over well celebrate with beer." The German said
"That Would be Awesome,But Not as awesome as me thou" Gilbert Glee'd
"Yeah,Yeah,Brother I'll talk to you later Vience has fallen asleep I have to put him to bed." The German said Holding the sleeping baby close

"Ja,Talk to you Later,Bye west" The prussian said
"Tschüß,Brother..." Germany said before Hanging up the phone
Gilbert Heard the phone and then hung up the phone
("That Was easy,Just Like I thought.") "Keseseseseses~"The German Laughed to himself Making his way back into his bedroom for the night

Germany's House

The baby Layed in the German's arms Being rocked into more slumber,Soon the Italian walked in
"Vee~ Germany who were you talking on the phone with...?" Veneziano said Gently Patting his Baby's Head
"Prussia, He says He's going to be a Father..." The German said
"OH really, That's so Great, I'm Happy for him Vee~<3" Italy nuzzled his baby with his Cheek happily
"Ja,Hopfully he will take this Father thing seriously...,I Hope." Germany said handing the baby To Veneziano
"Don't worry,I belive he will."Italy said Placing the baby into the crib and leaning Over it to look at their Baby.Germany Walked over and Leaned over to look also "...You took the father thing Seriously...," The Italian said
"I take everything Seriously..."The German said
"Yeah, I know." Italy Giggled and leaned up for a kiss
The German Leaned Over the Italian and kissed him
"Ich Liebe Dich." The German said
"I Love you,too." The Italian Replied

End Of chapter 2 will be continued in Chapter 3
Yay Chapter 2,I'm so Tired:faint:
Well You found out who it was
and you got to meet Germany's and Italy's baby Vience
He Loves the attention:)

Genre-Yaoi Romance
Couple-M/M PrussiaxCanada

Summary: It's Been ABout 3 Months Since The shy and quiet Matthew Williams Has seen the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, Thinking That One night was just a One Night Stand He just wants to get Him out of his Head which cuases Mattie to become very Sick, so sick America takes him to the hospital which soon unravels a secret.

Disowner:Hetalia Is not Owned By me but by the wondefully talented and creative himaruya hidekaz oh and Also The picture

But this Fanfic is made by me tho.

Next:Coming soon
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Warriorgrl1234 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And thus, New Prussia was made!
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Aj! I like this story very mych :3 but isn't it little too early for the kid to kick?
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MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Compliments: First off, loved the story. Second, love the pairing. You made it really cute.
Critique: You need to re-read this entire thing out loud. Then you need to fix all of the problems you see here.
Lovleyday Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you for the compliments:D
And thanks for telling me nicely about the mistakes I was half sleep writting this and i tend to do that a lot :)
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First off: You're welcome
Second: ... Nope. That's all.
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